Centipede Monster

20220923 EN K20 Centipede Monster 無邊

                                     《Centipede Monster》
Based on the marine fishing theme of the plane LCD monitor — lottery-type game, the game uses a high-definition screen design, support 2/3/4/6/8/10 while online games. 15 different types of insect, 9 kinds of powerful special weapons, a clear definition and detailed nature scene.

                                              【Game Description】
                       Special Item—Attack them to release special power!
◆ Flame Moth ➜ Sprinkling powder bombs all normal insects on the field.
◆ Neuronic Goliathus ➜Release lightning to attack all normal insects continuously.
◆ Black Widow ➜Black widow will use silk to sniper insect on the field.
◆ Dead Leaf ➜Find the correct dead leaf to get rewards.
◆ Centipede King ➜Defeat it, its body will turn into bomb and explode.
◆ Lucky Insect ➜Catch the Royal Beetle , get a X2~X10 bonus reward randomly.
◆ Magical Candy Bag ➜Shooting it will increase its reward. Defeat it, it will stick all normal insects. Catch the stuck insects will 100% get double rewards.
◆ Royal Hornet ➜The reward will upgrade randomly.