Every product of our company has a genuine check (QR Code).
On the game screen, the game LOGO and genuine check will appear at the same time, and you can check whether it is genuine by scanning the QR Code.
Use the genuine check to protect your rights from damage!

1.VGAME’s product wire accessories are specially made, and are different from commercially available accessories. Please use the shipped accessories.
2.Our accessories are different from accessories provided by other developers. Please refer to the layout picture as follow.
3.The control board’s voltage must be simultaneously 12V and 5V. Please insert right to left from outside.
4.Please don’t often clear current profits and move it over to total profit so as to affect the manner the games pays out.

1.Electricity Safety- One plug only uses one extension cord. DO NOT plug a bunch of stuff into the extension cord. Such as an air conditioner or refrigerator.
2.Keep it easy to dissipate heat during use.
3.Pay attention to indoor temperature and humidity-If the environment is too humid, it is recommended to turn on a dehumidifier or air conditioner to improve it.
4.Keep free of dust-It is recommended to use a broom to keep free of dust on the host computer regularly.

1.Press “Enter” to enter the “System Operation” menu.
2.Select “Report”or “Reset”,  enter the page.
3.Report the information on the page to your agent to get the Digit Code.
4.Enter the reported Digit Code and press the “*”.
5.The screen displays “Password Correct”, complete the “Report”or “Reset” process .

▶The data of “Total Profit” and ”Current Profit” in the “Reset” page is generated Instantly.
Don’t return to the game state before complete the “Reset” process .
That will lead to changes in the data, the reported Digit Code can not be used.