Luna Legend

20220601 EN Luna Legend
  • 『Luna Legend』is unprecedented a 5X5 “match four” puzzle game with Monopoly and will be the most popular game ever!
  • It can be installed in fish-type arcade cabinets. It also can be set in 2-up other types. Its Station Quantity: 2(2-0)、3(3-0)、4(2-2)、6(2-1)、6(3-0)、8(3-1)
  • After inserting a coin, players can use the “betting button” to place their bets. Then press the “start button” to launch the game. When the game starts, gems will fall from the top to the bottom. If four or more jewels are adjacent to each other, they can be matched and then eliminated. New gems will cascade down from above, filling the grid until nothing can be matched. Matching four or more of the patterns on the game board will earn the corresponding score.
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Shack the treasure tree to win Jackpot.
There are 3 treasure bowls, and full the treasure bowl will win the JP award of it.

Free Game

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                          There are 4 options:

  • 12 spins with a win multiplier of 2x.
  • 8 spins with a win multiplier of 3x.
  • 6 spins with a win multiplier of 4x.
  • random (both the number of spins and multiplier are random).


Play Video about Cross(有浮水印).mp4 20230427 121508.329

The center gems will become wild symbol, and the diagonals in the other four directions will become same gem randomly.



Play Video about Rupture(有浮水印).mp4 20230427 121603.681

Players choose two gems, it will transform into wilds,
and eliminate gems in four directions.


Play Video about Eliminate(有浮水印).mp4 20230427 121518.624

Choose a gem,
all the same gems on the board will be destroyed.


Play Video about Replace(有浮水印).mp4 20230427 121550.400

Shuffle all the gems on the board once and keep the wild on the board.